Have you noticed birds singing, woodpecker drumming,owls hooting, green trees and flower buds, and change in smell; if yes, then it’s time that you wear your gardening suits and get ready for landscaping.

The givenlandscapingtips are suggested by great landscapers; they can enhance the outlook of your property and canelevate the value of your home. Your neighbors will be jealous of your backyard patio and lawn maintenance.

1. Cleaning

First of all, you must do the cleaning of your lawn, backyard patio, gardens andbedsto prepare for new spring landscaping project. Begin by picking up all branches, leaves and wreckage; the gift of winters.Clean up the garden and the beds.This will make your place ready for landscaping.

2. NewPlants and feed

If you are intendingto install sod or plant new grass seeds then make sure thatyou do not smear any pre-emergent with early spring lawn treatment. You can use any balanced fertilizer that is organic based in these areas.

Unlikely, if you are intending to waitfor fall to do your annualsod installation or grass planting, then it is recommended that you use pre-emergent plus fertilizer and crabgrass barrier in the the lawn. A natural fertilizer which has pre-emergent plus works as corn gluten meal. More details in our post here: http://www.indoortabletopfountain.com/choosing-lawn-small-areas/

Make sure that the soil should be in the proper condition for planting all plants and garden vegetables. A soil test is recommended before plantation of anything,through this test you come to know about the nutrients whichyour soil is deficient in.

At the time of planting,addition of compost or organic matter in the soil will improve the soil structure and wouldensure deeper roots and will provide security from insects, heat anddiseases and will also help to reduce your water consumption.

3. Get your grass-cutting blades sharped

Sharp your grass-cutting blades. Many professionals can do this for you for a minimal fee and if you intendto do it on your own then remove the spark plug before taking the blades off.It will be helpfulin grass cutting instead of tearing.

4. The height of grass-cutting.

Be careful when you are cutting grass because it can ruin your landscape. For hot-season, grasses should have the height of 3/4 inch to 1 inch after being cut. For cold-season, grasses should have the height of 2-1/2 inches to 4 inches high after being cut.

5. Layer of Mulch

Landscapers also suggested that the application of a 4-inch layer of fresh mulch over all beds will help in reducing the quantity of weeds that will grow.  Furthermore, the use of any glyphosate product such as Roundup, through hand pulling or carefully spraying on any weeds that have grown after mulching, is good for your landscaping.

Another natural way to control weed, is the use of citrus oil based product or vinegar. Do not spray that on any desirable plants. This will reduce your effort of lawn maintenance.


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