Should you have a lawn at your property, you need to keep it in its best possible condition. A lush green lawn can be a pleasure to enjoy, and a wonderful place for your children to play. Lawn maintenance is a must to ensure your garden is kept looking clean and tidy.
If you employ a company who handles your lawn maintenance for you, they will take care of any issues for you. However, not everyone uses such companies and may wish to do the work themselves.

So, here are 5 lawn maintenance tips to keep your lawn looking tip top:

1. Cutting – this is important as it helps the grass to thicken. It should be done on a regular basis, especially in the spring months. A general recommendation during the spring is to cut your lawn each week.Each time you cut your lawn, you should switch direction and create a different pattern. This is so that the grass blades aren’t pressed down the same way every time.It is best to cut your lawn little and often. Taking the height to around 5 centimetres. You could leave it at a slightly longer length in the summer months as it can withstand periods of drought better.(

2. Fertilizing – when you cut grass, you are removing its nutrients. These need to be replaced for the healthy growth of your lawn. In the spring, fertilizing is needed every four to five weeks. There are many lawn fertilizers available on the market, to ensure that you get the right balance of the nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous that your lawn needs. It is important that you follow the packet instructions though when undertaking your lawn maintenance.

3. Watering – to keep your garden lush and green, regular watering needs to be included in your lawn maintenance regime. When grass needs watering, it take on a blue-gray tint, and older grass will begin to curl and wilt. You can do your watering by hand, but many people use automated watering systems. They can either be mobile, or stationary. You can also use pumps or sprinklers, all of which can be programmed to water your garden at a regular time when it is needed.

4. Weeding – if you find weeds growing throughout your lawn, there are techniques you can use so that they can removed if weeding is done on a regular basis. Small weeds can be removed by using a scarifyer. This disturbs the weeds and halts any more growth. Should you find daisies or dandelions growing within your lawn, you will need to use a root weeder to ensure that you remove as much of the root as possible.continue here!

spring lawn care with flowers

5. Scarifying and aerification – this can prove to be an important part of your lawn maintenance. Grass roots need air to be able to breath and grow. The best way to combat this is to dig various holes in the lawn, filling them with coarse sand. This allows water from the surface of the lawn to flow away, and provides the grass roots with much needed oxygen. Scarifying is needed in lawn maintenance to remove any dead grass roots or debris.

To keep your gardens looking their best, begin your lawn maintenance routine today.

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