There are many designs that you could adopt for your backyard patio. It all depends how you wish to utilize your outdoor space. Not only do you need to consider the material you wish to use, for example wooden planks or concrete. The size of your backyard patio is another factor to consider when choosing a design. Also, how you will furnish your backyard patio to make the most of the area.

Here are six ideas for backyard patio designsthat can give you some inspiration:

Outdoor dining – if you will be using your backyard patio to entertain friends and family and enjoy eating al fresco, this could be the ideal design for you. You will need to locate the patio close to an outdoor kitchen, or your backdoor. This is so that you can bring food to the table more easily. For this design, your backyard patio will need a dining table and chairs, and perhaps a barbeque nearby.

Living room patio – your backyard patio could easily become like an additional room for your home. A place where you can socialize in a relaxing atmosphere. Ensure that there is some shade from the sun, and here you will usually find a fire-pit in case of chilly evenings. Then you can design your backyard patio with plush furnishings so that you can sit outdoors in the warm weather.

Bistro patio – this is a design that you could use if your backyard patio isn’t very large. Simply add a table and two chairs, and it can become the ideal spot for breakfast or brunch. You could consider adding a wall fountain to become a focal point in your backyard patio.

Covered Patio – this design is used should your backyard patio be a little further from the house. It can offer shade from the sun, and shelter should the weather suddenly worsen. A covered patio can also be useful if you have a swimming pool, offering a place where swimmers can change, and maybe even shower if you have enough space in your backyard patio area.

Garden Oasis – if you want to create an away from home feel to your backyard patio, this could be the ideal design for you. With less seating, lush plants and using natural materials in your design, you will be able to sit and relax. Using water features in the design can also create a completely different atmosphere to your backyard patio.visit their website here!

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Sundeck patio–these are usually found either beside a pool, or at a sunny spot within your garden. You will need to add outdoor chaise lounges with comfy cushions to your backyard patio to create an area where you can lay back and enjoy the sun. Do consider having a little shade on offer however should the sun become too hot, see

There are many things to consider when you design your backyard patio. Whether socializing, dining, relaxing or for play. Your backyard patio can be an extension of your home, and become a space for all the family to enjoy.

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