Landscaping not only adds personality and artistry to your yard, but also improves the value of your property. The goal is to add “curb appeal” while highlighting the unique features of your yard. If landscaping seems a bit too intimidating, have no fear, getting started is easy if you implement some simple landscaping ideas.

Add Definition with a Fence or Living Wall

Fences can serve multiple purposes: they act as a visual division between your property and the neighbors, add privacy, depending on the type of fence you choose, and add interest to your front yard. A home with a fenced front yard also looks more complete than one without. If a fence seems too harsh, try adding a hedge or stonewall for a softer type of privacy screen.

Keep Your Lawn in Great Shape

A well-maintained lawn draws the eye with its lush, inviting green color. Keep in mind that a lawn gone wild will stand out even more if the rest of your landscaping looks great. Replacing grass with a vegetable garden or flower beds can also work well. In fact, some homeowners deliberately kill the grass in their yards; this allows them to add plants they find more interesting than vanilla grass.

Design a New Walkway

The walkway should draw the eye toward whichever door you use most. A straight walkway works best if the front door is the main entrance. If, however, the front door is more decorative than functional, a curving walkway that leads to another entrance might do the trick. A walkway should at least four feet wide, or just wide enough for two people to walk side by side. The paving material should accentuate elements of your house or yard, but do keep in mind that stepping stones, see from, while beautiful, are not as safe as concrete or other solid paving options.

Play with Color

Use color to create focal points and add contrast, visual interest, and polish to your yard. Add colorful flower beds around your walkway or front entrance to draw the eye. Alternatively, use several shades of green, from pine trees, to cool green hedges, to the lush green of a well-watered lawn. How you use color is entirely up to you. Be careful not to overwhelm your house, though. Everything in your yard should complement your house, instead of overshadowing it.

Use Trees and Structures to Add a Vertical Dimension

Trees provide shade and shelter, but when landscaping they also add a vertical element to your yard. This is important because it softens the contrast between the yard and your home. In addition, houses with elements of different heights tend to appear more interesting and complete than those without. Garden structures, such as gazebos, trellises, and fountains, have the same effect, but may require more this news here!

Design lanscape

Do not forget to make a concrete plan before starting your landscaping project. Even the simplest landscaping ideas are not foolproof. The finished yard should have a cohesive look that is difficult to achieve if you change your mind as you go.

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